Career Management

We are passionate about helping our clients discover and achieve their dreams, safe in the knowledge that their futures are protected.

Helping Clients with their Careers & Beyond

Our expert team are passionate about our client’s long-term success and development. Supporting all aspects of client’s daily professional lives, we will push, support, and encourage clients to be the best possible version of themselves.

Career Management Services

Intermediary, ‘Full Lifecycle’ Career Management

We recognise that you are an exceptional talent or you would not be considering working with us. Should you wish to engage us to maximise your professional and primary career-based potential, we can assure you that you will be looked after across every aspect of your career. Honesty, integrity, trust & transparency are our ‘watch words’.

Assessment, Career & Wealth Management Planning

For us to understand and then support you to maximise your lifetime earning potential, we need to spend time with you, appreciating your goals, aspirations and ambitions. We will then need to put together an agreed plan of how we will work with you to deliver on all of these outcomes.

Legal & Contractual Services

Throughout your career, you will need to ensure that any contracts you are asked to sign are independently reviewed, you are made fully aware of any potential pitfalls across them, and that you and your families are protected as much as is possible as a result. We are here to deliver this service for you.

Negotiation Services

Some people have the skills for this, some do not, some just want to have someone else lead this on their behalf. We are a specialist in this space and can help you navigate your way through this process to help maximise your earning potential.

Commercial & Personal

Dependent upon your profession and your personal ambitions there will be multiple scenarios where you will be asked to enter into agreements that affect you, your families and your futures. We are here to independently help you navigate all of these scenarios, wether that be on pitch, off pitch, on stage or in stadium.

Brand Management

Whilst you are on pitch or on stage you need to be at your best. You need to know that your off pitch and off stage commercial brand is also being maximised to protect the futures of you and your families. we will take care of this for you and with you.

2nd Career Planning

At some stage, your primary career will end. Supporting you to plan and prepare for the next phase of your professional journey will be a key factor in our relationship. We are a specialist in ensuring that we look after and prepare you for life following your primary careers and not just during.

Relevant Educational Programmes

Across your primary career, we will be advising you to consider what your future may hold after leaving the pitch or the stage. We will work with you to ensure from a relevant education and qualifications’ perspective that in your ‘life plan’, we provide you access to the right ecosystems that enable you to flourish after closing your primary careers.

Our Other Services

Lighthouse works with talent across the worlds of sport and entertainment, and we provide world class services across three key disciplines:


Wealth Management

If clients need direction on wealth management or advice on a growing portfolio, we’ll take a jargon-free approach that’s easy to understand but commercially astute.


Lifestyle Management

Whether it’s fitness, wellbeing, travel, security, VIP experiences & luxury goods, schooling, educational support, or specialist insurances and healthcare, we’ll ensure clients are always provided for in the best possible way. Even the smallest of errands are covered with Lighthouse.

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