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Making Choices

Lighthouse has made the choice to focus on working with Intermediaries who have the best interests of the talent that they represent at the very heart of what they do. If you put your talent and their futures first, you should be talking to us, here at Lighthouse.

Our Track Record

Lighthouse is a key part of the wider ARMCO Group. This Group of companies have been changing and protecting lives through smart investments, predominantly in the Property vertical, since 2006.

The ARMCO Group has an enviable track record of success, it includes companies who are fully Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which also has the effect of setting the bar high for unregulated members, and has been managing seven figure funds and individual investment portfolios for many years.

Why Work with Lighthouse?

Our watch words are; honesty, integrity, transparency and trust.

We will ensure that any transaction that we undertake, or any engagement that we facilitate with you, is treated with complete confidentiality, whilst in parallel also maintaining complete transparency for you through our technology driven ecosystems.

By really looking after your talent, by working with Lighthouse to secure the financial futures of the talent under your management, we will work with you to create sustainable and post primary career financial income for you from the portfolio’s that we will build for your talent in a completely transparent manner. Thus enabling your business to secure financial return, not just from across primary careers, but on into secondary careers and beyond.

Trust is everything to us!

If you choose to work with Lighthouse and we choose to work with you, and you bring the talent that you represent to us, to support them with services that you do not offer, we will sign a legally binding agreement that shares that we will never try and represent this talent as an Intermediary who interfaces into their primary careers and contracts.

Yes of course we will act as intermediary for the services that you choose to take from across our portfolio, but we will never trespass into your existing commercial relationships.

We will only operate ethically and in the best interests of our partners and the talent that they represent. So, you should never fear bringing your talent to us to add complimentary service propositions to those that you already manage, on their behalf.

Next steps

If you are doing right by the talent that you represent, if you genuinely want to secure their futures both on and off pitch/stage, if you want them to be financially secure when their primary careers come to a close, if you want to elongate, in a fully transparent manner, your intermediary financial returns, and finally, if you want them to be fully prepared for their professional futures, outside of what they do today, come talk to us here at Lighthouse.

‘Tread a different path!’

Continue Your Journey with Lighthouse

Get in touch with us and one of our team of experts will get back to you to discuss how we can help you.