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‘Just over half (52 percent) of professional athletes surveyed by the Professional Players Federation (a UK group spanning numerous sports), said that they had encountered financial difficulties within five years of ending their playing careers’

Lighthouse is here to ensure that by working with us, that you do not become part of the 52 percent!

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Lighthouse works with talent across the worlds of sport and entertainment, and we provide world class services across three key disciplines.


Career Management

Our expert team are passionate about our client’s long-term success and development. Supporting all aspects of client’s daily professional lives, we will push, support, and encourage clients to be the best possible versions of themselves.


Wealth Management

If clients need direction on wealth management or advice on a growing portfolio, we’ll take a jargon-free approach that’s easy to understand but commercially astute.


Lifestyle Management

Whether it’s fitness, wellbeing, travel, security, VIP experiences & luxury goods, schooling, educational support, or specialist insurances and healthcare, we’ll ensure clients are always provided for in the best possible way. Even the smallest of errands are covered with Lighthouse.

Looking After Your Future

Our role is to serve and to protect you and your family, assuring your professional, financial, and personal wellbeing, for the long term.

This infographic demonstrates how Lighthouse can support you today and in the future.

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